November 3, 2020

Top 3 Benefits of getting your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis

Benefit 1: Avoiding Damage to your paint

Did you know that dirt, salt, mud, and rain can actually cause havoc to your beloved paint job? This is because when the particles from the dirt and mud seep into your paint, it can leave a residue that is rough to the touch. When you get dirt in your paint, it will leave it looking dull and lifeless, rather than sharp and edgy. Salt can also impact the way your paint looks, because when it builds up it can dry out your paint, and actually cause damage.

While you may not realize these things are happening, the minerals that are in them can cause damage to your paint. Just for this reason, it is highly advised that you keep your car washed thoroughly, and on a regular basis. When it is washed regularly, it will blast away those impurities in seconds. Did you know rain can also cause damage to your paint? When not rinsed off frequently it can actually harm your paint when left alone. Rain it not just water, it actually contains more pollution of dirt and grime. When not rinsed off, rain can leave water marks as the dirt within the rain does not dissolve. Thus, leaving steaky water marks that need to be dissolved by a car wash. When it Is left for long periods of time, it then can become harder to remove, as it gets built up and digs deeper into your paint.

Benefit 2: Improving the Condition of your Vehicle

Keeping your car regularly washed can help brush away any impurities and create the vision of your paint job looking fresh all the time. Did you know that when your vehicle is clean, it actually improves the value of it? This is because when your vehicle is in top shape, it enhances the value of the entire thing. You are more likely to get more for your vehicle when it is clean, as opposed to a dirty vehicle. Also, when it is left fresh and clean, it can also reserve your mechanical parts, as dirt can turn into rust. When things get rusty, they lose their strength and value leading to getting parts replaced.
Overall, it is very important to keep your vehicle in a nice clean condition as it can add value and make the mechanical parts last long.

Benefit 3: Health

Just in case you did not know, the interior of your vehicle can be rather filthy! Germs and particles carried in by passengers that get in and out of your vehicle, and yes… even from you, will typically travel to a variety of different places within the vehicle. It can also remain in the air unless thoroughly sprayed and detailed. This includes door jams, small crevices, and small awkward areas that you don’t even think of. When germs get trapped, they can build up and multiply. When you get your interior cleaned regularly, then that will reduce the number of germs that get held in your vehicle which in return will lead to no mites, allergies, or germs. It will also leave your vehicle feeling brand new, and with the new car smell which you will love!

Those are 3 top benefits for why you should keep your lovely vehicle cleaned regularly. I know most of us don’t think of those things, but when left dirty and grimy, it can cause a number of problems as mentioned including dirty paint, decreasing value of the overall vehicle, health, and the overall condition of your vehicle. It is very important to keep your vehicle looking its best, feeling its best, and for you to get the utmost value from it!